Monday, January 22, 2007

London, Day 4 Part 3

After strolling along the north side of the Thames, we walked across the river over the Waterloo Bridge and headed to a pub located on the Jubilee Walk, which runs along the south side of the river. It was a bit cold but we sat at a table outside rather than inside the smokey pub for chips and beer before heading over to the Tate Modern museum to meet Kelly and Adam. The museum has three twisting, tube slides in a huge open room, with the largest going from the 5th floor to the ground.

After looking at a variety of art, from Lobster Phone to "NO!", we had a delicious dinner at the restaurant on the top of the museum with incredible views of the entire city and St. Paul's Cathedral directly across the Thames. Following dinner we crossed back over the Thames via the Millenium Bridge, which leads to the steps of St. Paul's cathedral, where Charles & Dianna were married and we cought a cab back to the Islington flat for a nightcap and a few final episodes of 90210.

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