Friday, January 12, 2007

Watching What You Eat

For anybody that hates to read, as much as I do, but still worries about their caloric intake, as much as I do, Josh sent me a great website that has full color pictures of a variety of foods that all have 200 calories in them.

I decided to print out these color pictures, cut them and paste them onto index cards. Now I start each day by shuffling the cards and flipping them over to determine what I'll eat for each meal. Its sort of like doing a Tarot card reading but with more satisfaction because I don't have to wait years for the reading's prophecy to come true. I immediately eat what the cards tell me!

The cards have told me that today for breakfast I will eat one and a third hot dogs, a shot of Bailey's and four Tootsie Pops. For lunch, I'm having a pile of cornmeal, a shot of canola oil and a bowl of ketchup. And finally for dinner I'll be dining on two red onions, two glasses of Coke and a handful of Gummi Bears.

What do the cards hold for you?

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