Monday, January 15, 2007

Just Another Mundane Monday

Even though it's Martin Luther King day, I'm at work. I can't really complain though because I'm off to London this week for a few days of unstructured sightseeing and pub drinking with Kelly & Adam.

Unfortunately, I still have to get through Monday, which is always difficult, especially after a good weekend. We started the weekend on Friday with a trip to the Brooklyn Museum to check out the Annie Leibovitz exhibit - a collection of her photographs from 1990 to 2005. While there, we also caught the Ron Mueck exhibit. Even if you don't recognize that name, you may have seen or heard of his work. He creates incredibly life-like silicone sculptures of people in distorted sizes. One piece is a new born infant lying on its side that must have been 20 feet long. Another sculpture is of an old, dead man lying on his back but just 3 feet tall. All his sculptures are so realistic looking that if it weren't for the sizes, you would think they are real people.

On Saturday, I met Jen for some afternoon shopping then joined her and some friends of hers at their favorite sports bar to watch the New Orleans football team play the Eagles. I was expecting an empty and quiet bar with a handful of people there to watch the game. Boy, was I wrong. This place was packed! It took us 30 minutes of careful watching and planning just to get seats. I've never seen so many people is sports jerseys before. I don't know if there were just more Eagles fans than New Orleans fans but they were definitely much louder. They even sang the Eagles fight song every time the Eagles did something good. I left during the third quarter before the Eagles started loosing but Jen told me the singing stopped and the Eagles fans got more and more quiet as the game continued.

After all that activity, a Chicos Sunday was in order. We had a horror movie marathon yesterday starting with the 1965 Borris Karloff film, 'Die, Monster, Die!'. It was an odd story of a wealthy English family who had a radioactive meteorite crash onto their property, which they interpreted as a gift from the heavens, but would eventually come to destroy them all. Our next two flicks were from 2006 and both dealt with digital demons. The first, 'Stay Alive' was a lame story of a group of kids who got their hands on an underground video game that once they started playing, would kill them in real life exactly as their game characters were killed. There were so many problems with this movie that I won't even bother getting into them. It was basically 'The Ring' but with a video game rather than video tape. The next digital demon movie we watched was 'Pulse'. While much better than 'Stay Alive', this movie was just alright. It featured a group of kids at the world's bleakest university, where a group working in an apparently secret computer lab in the basement of the computer labs building, created a computer virus that could spread to any web-enabled device, then jump out of the device and go on a city destroying, soul-sucking spree.

So how was your weekend?

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