Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fear The Future

One day last week while working from home, I made the mistake of running a few errands on 7th Avenue in Park Slope at the same time the local schools were letting out. If Whitney Houston is correct and the children are the future, we are all in a lot of trouble. I have never seen so many fat, sluggish, foul-mouthed, street urchins in one place and those were probably the honor role kids. I don't mean to sound like an old curmudgeon who complains all day and thinks the current generation are a bunch of slackers. I'm sure when I was in grade school I never made some older person feel that the future was in good hands. But these kids, who looked to be in their mid thirties, were coming out of what I think is a junior high school and were a frightening lot to behold.


  1. No doubt.

    And to think how sickly they are going to be since parents disinfect the heck out of everything.

    You kind of have to get sick as a kid, so you build up an immune system.

    I fear some nasty super-bugs will evolve because of these brats.

    Ok. I'm off my soapbox now.

  2. I so get you...with my generation, if you were in elementary, junior, or high school AND fat, then you were the exception...not so much nowadays...

    I say: drop the frickin chalupa, step away from the computer & get your flabby 13 year old ass outside.

  3. I'm with you. Schoolkids in NEw York scare the crap out of me. Everytime I think I want to pursue a teaching career here, one walk by a middle school reminds me that I could never handle a group of kids who are a) bigger and b) older than I.

  4. Ugghh.

    I have a lot of nieces and nephews.

    Just speaking with them sometimes petrifies me.

  5. Those PS kids are all pierced & dyed-striped-hair and Hot-Topicked out because their parents are "cool". And they're all jaded by high school. I babysat one PS youngster, and she was a sweetie but was also on instant messenger all day long and I felt sorry for her.
    I'm glad for my innocent suburban childhood.
    Baaah! Kids today!