Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Like Art

If you are a regular reader of the blog, Zombie Fights Shark, you are probably familiar with the Friday afternoon post titled "Oooh Pretty", where an image of something, you guessed it, pretty is posted. Last week's Oooh Pretty was a picture of some shiny art thing on the streets of Chicago to which I commented that I wish NYC had more shiny art things laying about town. Well it seems as if the city's art gnomes read my comment and granted my wish with the following sculpture in Madison Square Park.

Ok, I know these sculptures have been there for a few weeks now but its still fun to delude myself and claim to have some sort of influence over the art world. In fact, each summer Madison Square park hosts an exhibit of large outdoor art. Last year there were concrete pillars, which I thought were just the foundations for the actual installation but as summer progressed and nothing was ever added to the pillars I realized they were the art. The summer before last, there were giant mounds that I'm fairly certain were petrified dinosaur terds.

Madison Square Park is the perfect outdoor setting for these exhibits. Its small with lots of walkways and more people que-up in line for the Shake Shack than all the city's museums combined. So the next time you find yourself waiting over an hour for a hot dog, remember to look up and enjoy the art.


  1. Oooh Pretty.


    I mean I Like Art too.

  2. I'll have to walk over there and check that out. It looks cool.

    BTW, am I the only person in New York City who finds Shake Shack frighteningly mediocre? The lines and the constant praise really eludes me.

  3. Lioux, I love your painting.

    Ha Ha, I've never even tried the food. I can't fathom standing in lines that long when there are so many other options for food around.

  4. I know a guy who used to work at Shake Shack and he's told me not to ever eat there. Loooots of roaches.

    Oh and thanks for the nod!

  5. That is friggin cool!

  6. In Denver, we don't do shiny, but we do big.

    Like our huge dancing .... aliens!

    I'm actually writing a piece for the magazine