Friday, May 18, 2007

A Man Of My Word

Some of you may recall that yesterday I was singing the praises of responsible drinking (much to the chagrin of my soused supporters). In said post, I also promised to atone for my night of responsibility with many evenings of irresponsible imbibing. Well I'm pleased to announce that I lived up to that promise last night!

Let me recount the portions of the past 14 hours that I can clearly recall. I met Seth for dinner at 6:30... I woke up in bed this morning. Just kidding. I actually remember the entire evening from my first cocktail to my second nightcap. After dinner, Seth and I made our way to the Knitting Factory for Kiki & Herb, where we met up with Seth's friends Aaron and Julie.

For those of you who have never witnessed the awesomeness that is Kiki & Herb, they are a lounge-style musical duo played by two guys whose names I can't remember at the moment. Herb plays the piano and occasionally sings while Kiki belts out the hits, does some fascinating dance steps and polishes of a bottle of Canadian Club. Last night's one-night-only performance was filmed for their upcoming DVD, which we will likely hear Seth and Julie shouting on. Words can't do this act justice, which is why I shot the following video for you. Enjoy!


  1. God bless the Kiki and Herb. Bummed I didn't know they were playing last night. They rock my socks.

    Oh and they are Justin Bond and Kenny Mellman, respectively.

  2. Clinton - It was an unusually unadvertised show, which was great because it was a small venue and not too crowded.

    Thanks for the names!