Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Weekend Wedding Recap!

With all the weddings I've been to over the past year (I've lost count at the moment), I feel like attending weddings is my new hobby. Fortunately, this new hobby goes well with my favorite past time - drinking various beers, wine, and cocktails. I've actually gotten spoiled with all the open bar events I've been to over the past few months.

This past weekend was my cousin Barbara's wedding. This was the first wedding to take place in my family's hometown area of Philly. As usual, we had a blast and I always enjoy any chance to party with my family. I'm fortunate to have a fun family who all enjoy drinking as much (some even more) than me. I guess it's proof that the grape doesn't fall far from the vine.

Congratulations Barbara and Jim!


  1. OMG!!!

    I'm attending a wedding this weekend!

  2. The last wedding I attended was a "morning wedding" and, thus, didn't have ANY alcohol. It was fucking miserable, made only more so by the fact that I was the best man and had to pretend I was all happy and full of joy while I sweated through my tux in the Texas July heat, sans booze.

    Not. Cool. (Literally and figuratively)

  3. Clinton, A morning wedding!? A wedding without booze?!! I have never even heard of such things and never want to hear of them again.

    Lioux, have fun at the wedding!

  4. Oh my. I went to a morning wedding that did have a bar.

    After the reception [about 3 PM], we proceeded to pub crawl.

    Was a messy night.

    Even worse was the drive home, hungover, the next day.

  5. It was, needless to say, all the Bride's doing.