Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Celebrating their birthdays today are Pop-O-Matic's Rock-O-Matic contributor - Josh, the always ready to rock - Rita and rock's brooding bad boy - Morrissey! I'm going to assume they are celebrating together even though Josh is in LA, I'll be seeing Rita tonight in NYC and who knows where Morrissey is.


  1. JDizzle1:33 PM

    I think someone else has a b-day coming up REALLY soon!

  2. I Love, Love, Love Birthdays!!!

    Sometimes when out to dinner with BFF's I'll even secretly tell the wait staff it's one of their birthdays when it really isn't.

    Just to hear the birthday song and clapping.

  3. Oh. And Happy Birthday Josh, Rita and Morrisey!