Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Like A Short Week

I'm finally back after an extra long holiday weekend. As I mentioned last week, Seth & I spent the weekend down south on the Potomac river. Aside from all that clean air reeking havoc with my allergies, we had a blast. Now that we are back, I need to take a vacation from booze for a while, well at least until the weekend.

I hope everyone had as much fun as we did over the weekend. Now that Memorial day has come don't forget the start of white pants season has arrived so wear them if you got them!

I'll fill you in on drunken weekend stories as I remember them. In the meantime, after playing hooky for the past few days, I've got a lot of work waiting for me on my desk, including this giant box from Hasbro's PR firm. The box is filled with the full set of Transformers products for the upcoming movie and I have a lot of transforming to get to work on.


  1. Short weeks are AWESOME!!!

    And I've been DYING to rock my white pants!

  2. I will be mugging you later for that box of Transformers toys. Just FYI.

  3. [ee oo uuhh er transforming sound]

    Weird--being in the clean air this weekend made my allergies go away! Or else I'm just allergic to the city.

    I nev wear white pants because I'd get them instantly dirty. I'm always like, hanging out on the ground and stuff.

  4. lioux and Colleen, I don't think I even own white pants.

    Clinton, I'll be guarding these Transformers like Optimus and the Autobot Matrix!

  5. What do you do for a living that a) people send you toys, and b) people send you toys that are a movie tie-in?

    Color me jealous. And welcome back to NYC. =+)

  6. Thanks HaHa, its always nice to be home.

    The reason for the box-o-Transformers is that I write toy and video game reviews.

  7. JDizzle5:42 PM

    Jeff- you suck! You have like the best job EVER!

    okay, i'm over it. I still heart you!

  8. Are the toys as complicated as they look in the movie?

  9. I heart you to Jdizzle.

    Big Daddy - it took me 35 minutes to transform the new deluxe Optimus Prime figure.