Thursday, May 17, 2007

Responsible Drinking Wednesdays

I'm proud(?) to report that last Wednesday's responsible drinking happy hour wasn't just a fluke. Last night I joined Seth, Cyndi, Kelly, Adam, and Jen down on the Farm for happy hour. Between the group, we had some great beers, wonderful wine, delicious cocktails, and amazing food all of which, complimented the lively conversation among good friends. Who would have guessed that my friends and I could have so much fun without getting shit-faced? This is new territory for me.

Fear not fellow booze hounds, winos, and beer sluts because I'm not going soft. Like last week, I will more than make up for one night of responsible drinking with four completely irresponsible evenings. In fact, tonight should prove to be a good old fashioned liquor appreciation fest as Seth & I have tickets for Kiki & Herb at the Knitting Factory. Check back tomorrow for a full recap at some point in the day depending on my hangover.


  1. Seriously, I need to learn how to do that. I either drink nothing or a lot.

  2. Midwesterner, its taken me years and years or practice to master this skill. Maybe I'll teach this skill in a class at the Learning Annex.

  3. That place sounds good! As does being responsible. I like to apply this approach to eating, too: it's OK to pig out on cheese if I also have spinach.