Friday, May 11, 2007

Your Man On The Inside

Fact: A majority of my friends and readers don't live in New York City.
Fact: Lots of TV shows and movies use New York City as both a backdrop and often a character. Therefore I've decide to start a new post, "Your Man On The Inside", where I will dispel the rumors that Hollywood would have you believe about New York City.

Item #1: If you had watched a recent episode of 'Ugly Betty' you might believe that "The Middle Ages" theme restaurant exists in the heart of Times Square. I have to admit, I avoid Times Square like the plague but if this theme restaurant exists, its new to me. The closest thing to a middle ages theme restaurant in Times Square that I'm aware of would have to be the ESPN Zone. With two giant shishkebob skewers flanking the doorway and MoCap Boxing events inside, this place is just as barbaric as a pack of Huns. So please, non-New Yorkers, don't plan your next vacation to New York City with hopes of taking in a staged joust and eating mutton chops because it doesn't exist, at least not outside of Staten Island.


  1. There is a Medieval Times out near the can buy the tix in Times Square and the shuttle bus will take you from Times Square to Jersey for the big event.

  2. There are, however, a few dungeons located just off of Times Square. You have to know the password to get in, though. And you should probably be wearing leather.

  3. But there really is a Central Perk in the Village, right?


  4. Haha. Rrriiiight...and "broke" Friends can afford to live in a huge loft space in the Village with a balcony.
    Good idea for a regular feature!

  5. God dammit I've been walking around in circles all week looking for this place... and all I could find was Bubba Gump Shrimp.