Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Super Happy Terrific Products

A few months ago I posted about the liquid decanting flip-flops or "booze-flops as I like to call them. Well check out these new additions to the James Bond Summer Fun line - secret compartment flip-flops. Whereas the idea of drinking something that came out of my shoe was both titillating and revolting, these little numbers actually look like a great idea. Just imagine being at the beach and not having to resort to the tip of your sneaker for stashing your valuables (Yes, we all know you put your money, license and keys in your shoe before running into the waves).


  1. This IS all Super, Happy AND Terrific!

  2. YES! Waterproof? I had my bag stolen when I took a dip once. Then it was found by a security guard suspicious of the shady guy leaving the beach with something stuffed under his t-shirt.

  3. Wow! A security guard actually doing something helpful.