Friday, June 08, 2007

Beats & Treats

Speaking of how drunk I got last night (see earlier post) ... Seth and I headed downtown (is it still called downtown if we traveled there from Brooklyn, which is technically even farther down?) to the Cake Shop to see fellow blogger, Lioux, and his band Sister Kisser perform.

The show was great and both Seth & I were blown away by how much we liked Sister Kisser. The Cake Shop, a little place on the lower east side, is actually a bakery/coffee shop on the ground floor with a basement where the bar and stage are located. After the show we met Lioux, who also introduced Seth & I to Colleen of Cokane's bloggery. It was great to finally meet both Lioux and Colleen in person and throw back a few drinks together. On our way out, Seth bought some cupcakes, one of which is sitting in the kitchen right now looking delicious. Seth ate the Chocolate Iced Chocolate cupcake during the cab ride home and described it as "fucking awesome" and "superb". He is talking about going back just for a cupcake.

As usual, we capped off our night with a few more 6-packs back at the apartment and we are both feeling it today. The last thing I wanted to deal with this morning was a surprise visit from my landlord with some lady and a camera informing me that the building is being sold and this lady needs to photograph my apartment. Great! Anyone know of an available apartment?


  1. It was so AWESOME meeting you guys last night! I'm glad you make the show. Can't wait to get together again.

    Sister Kisser®™©™'s singer and I split a peanut butter/chocolate moon pie on the way home. YUM.

  2. Jdizzle3:27 PM

    Dude, you have to move????!!!! That sucks! Also you used "Fuck" for the second time in your blog.

  3. Jdizzle - that second fuck was a direct quote from Seth so I had to type it. As for the apartment, we will have to wait and see what the new owner has planned for the building. In any event, we are here until the lease ends in October.

    Lioux - That moon pie looked good!

  4. oh hell yes! why in the world didn't i get any baked goods?