Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Something That Peeves Me

When a person walks into an establishment that requires them to order something over a counter (i.e. deli, bodega, food cart, concession stand, fast food joint, etc.) and they begin the order with the words "Let me get".


  1. I worked in a bakery for like 7 years and there's nothing i hated more then "LET ME GET A GANOLE"

    Why sure NJ Guido man u can have a GANOLE but for the record its a CANOLI you are from Paramus NOT Italy!



  2. That's pretty funny. I hate when people say, "Can I have a...?" I used to bartend, and it always drove me up a wall. Firstly, if you want to be technically correct about it, say, "May I have a...?" But OK, it's a bar.

    Secondly, have whatever the hell you want. As long as you pay and tip, you can have a glass of toenail clippings for all I care. =+)

  3. My personal pet peeve, borne from waiting tables as well as tending a Whole Foods pizza counter, is this question: "So what's good?"

    It's all good, sir. All of it. Every single thing on the menu/counter is good. Now please order so I can go back to sneaking sips of the vodka I've got in my Poland Spring bottle.

  4. Irish - Ah Jersey guidos. Is there anything they can't do?

    HaHa - How would you garnish a glass of toenail clippings.

    Clint - Mmmm vodka.

  5. You drink Poland Spring®™©™ vodka too, Clinton?!

  6. You people are weird.

    I think you should all up your dosage, or drink more vodka.

  7. I start everything with "May I have...". That's just the midwesterner in me, always being nice.