Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We Interupt Your Regularly Schedule Post With The Following

I usually like to have my first weekday post up by 10am. There are of course, occasions when that doesn't happen. I may be too hungover to turn on my computer and choose to stare at the suithing blank screen for a while, perhaps I've overslept and just didn't make it to work earlier enough to meet my self-imposed deadline, or its highly possible that I'm stuck indside a train on the Manhattan bridge as it waits for the train ahead of this one, which is sitting at the Canal street station while the EMTs medivac the "sick" (ie, diet-crazed woman who fainted because she hasn't eaten in four days) pasenger to safety. Then their are those days where work rears its ugly head and someone expects me to actually do something before 11am, which is the time I normally feel up to the challenges of duty.

If you are reading this message right now, that can only mean that I am having one of the above scenarios acted out upon my morning. I'll let you decide which one is the case and feel free to let me know which scenario you think I am experiencing in the comments section. In any event, I promise to atone for my tardiness with a worthwhile posting soon. Until then, I hope your morning is going as regularly scheduled.

PS. Please note, I didn't have time to spell chack this. Can you spot the mispelled words?


  1. Spelling's overrated anyway. Here's hoping that you're hungover; beats the other options!

  2. Hungover may be better, but we are talking about the MTA. My bet's on stalled train.

  3. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Suithing...actually, I kind of like this new spelling. Mite try using it sometime.

    I like the "lady who took too many diet pills scenario"

  4. You should do what I do: put the day's post up before going to bed (e.g., after midnight). This way, if you're unlucky enough to have some idiot expect you to do any work before lunch you don't sit there wondering how and when you'll get to the really important stuff, updating your blog.

  5. Sorry to disappoint everyone but I was late getting in today because of work. I can't complain though because I spent the morning checking out new video games coming out this fall.

  6. I'll take 'Diet Lady' for the win, Chuck.

    I can't function until at least 11.