Monday, June 18, 2007

Where The People Are

I've never been a big fan of crowds. I hate crowded bars, never go to see a movie on opening night (not that I go to the theater much at all), shop at odd hours to avoid the consuming masses and frequently walk in the street to get around the slow, sluggish cattle. At the same time, I like feeling as if I'm taking part in whats going on around me. Which is why living on a busy street allows me the best of both worlds - I can avoid crowds but keep an eye on what's happening down on the street.

Yesterday I enjoyed the annual 7th Avenue street fair that takes place every year in Park Slope. There were all sorts of vendors, hawking everything from cell phone accessories to spicy kielbasas. Occasionally a marching band would make its way through the crowd and there was even rock and or roll music coming from somewhere, which I think means there was a band performing. Unfortunately, I couldn't see the direction the music was coming from because the building next to my apartment blocks the view of 7th avenue to the south of my window. Yes that's right, I took in the street fair from the crowdless comfort of my apartment.

I know this makes me sound like a shut-in but the only way I would have ventured out the door and into that street fair was if I spotted a beer vendor from my window. As far as I know, strolling the streets with a beer in the hand is illegal, unless its in a bag, which Seth refers to as a wino's right. As far as I'm concerned, the winos can keep there bags and I'll remain crowdlessly comfortable drinking at home.


  1. If you could figure out how to get one of the vendors to toss you a spicy kielbasa up through your window, then indeed you'd have yourself some heaven on Earth. Otherwise, you're missing out.

  2. That's one of the less-chaotic street fairs I've seen. I hate crowds, too, but as most of my pals & readers know, I love going to horror movies on opening night.

  3. There's an annual bicycle event my town has every year. They close off all the streets on my block and have races all morning.

    I always watch them from my second floor kichen windows.

  4. There were TOTALLY beer vendors.

  5. clinton - great idea, next year I'll lower a bucket with a note in it.

    Colleen - this picture was taken lat in the day of the straglers.

    lioux - that sounds like exercise, gross!

    kitty - If there were any beer vendors, they weren't in view of my window, which as I stated, is a prerequisite for me leaving the apartment.

  6. I think it's law here in Denver, that any public festival must have at least one beer vendor.