Thursday, June 14, 2007

S.H.I.T. ...

So Happy Its Thursday!

Here's a collection of random thoughts (read between the lines, I'm too hungover to manage anything more cohesive).

My favorite Wednesday night watering hole was crowded last night. That's the first and hopefully last, time I've ever seen it so full. Those of us that arrived early and made the mistake of grabbing a few extra chairs for the late arrivals, spent entirely too much time and energy defending those empty seats. Some at my table blamed me for the crowd stating that I had talked about said bar too many times here on pop-o-matic. While I'd love (and plan) to think that I had that sort of influence, the fact remains that it was too crowded.

Dear Painfully Loud Woman On the Train This Morning,
No one, including the poor sap you were riding with, wants to hear you gabbing about your job with a literary agent. If you had taken the time to dislodge your head from your own ass, you would have noticed the gradual and consistent tide of people retreating from your general vicinity.

Dear Person With Horrible Gas On the Train This Morning,
I'd like to assume you were the same person as I mentioned above but that's only because I hat the person mentioned above. Please, for the sake of everyone else forced to share a commute with you, get yourself to a doctor and have that problem looked into. It was apparent to most, but you I guess, that something is not right with your innards.

Dear Me,
Finishing all the floater limoncellos on the table is not a good idea. You had one of your own and should have left it at that.


  1. I was wondering who stole my limoncello dregs. You bastard!

  2. Oh come on Adam, you were done.

  3. I'm sure you didn't get mine because I would have punched you in the face had you tried.

  4. Also, i will totally let out some hangover farts on the train if needed. no one is going to suspect it is me...unless i'm on the train with you or adam.

  5. Kelly, I know better than to go anywhere near your drink.

    You weren't on the Q train this morning were you?

  6. mmmmm....drink

    no, i wasn't on the Q train. at least not that i remember

    i can't wait for this evening's reunition.

  7. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Oooo, I LOVE limoncello! What bar did you go to...or can you not say now?

  8. Kelly - I'll see you tonight at the reunition.

    Midwestern Gal - The bar is the Flatbush Farm in Brooklyn. They make their own limoncello and it is delicious!

  9. Now you have me craving Limoncello and it's only 12:32 p.m. Damn, I can't wait to get out of there today.

    I hate people who talk too loudly on the train. Especially in the mornings. I hope you turned up your iPod really loudly to drown her out.



  11. ha ha - its always happy hour somewhere. Yes, I tried tuning her out by turning my volume up but it still wasn't enough. I finally moved away from her.

    lioux, with my hangover in mind, I figured if I suddenly had to puke, I would aim for her.

  12. Kelly2:15 PM

    mmm...I am so ready for limoncello. should we have a pre-reunition before the real reunition this evening? I can go anytime.

  13. Kelly, I have a meeting at 3, which I hope to move through quickly. I'll be heading to Mels as soon as its over.

  14. what's reunition?

  15. It's when they unition again.

  16. A lot of my pals' blogs talk about booze today.