Monday, June 04, 2007

Bizarro Weekend

After the previous weekend's Memorial 5 day river-fest drunkorama, which was then punctuated by Thursday's blogger booze-fest, I had a relatively quiet and sober weekend. Of course, I still managed to tie one on Friday night, which was really surprising considering how hungover I was when I woke up that day.

Saturday was a slightly different story though. This was the first weekend that both Seth & I have been in town in a long time. Since many of our friends were out of town, we decided to not make any plans, stick around home and take care of some overdue business such as pay bills, put in the a/c units, a little Spring cleaning, etc, etc ( I know dull). On Saturday night we had a couple (literally) cocktails and rented the film, 'Epic Movie'. If you are anything like us and enjoy mindless entertainment, potty humor, and fart jokes then you might enjoy this flick.

I was up bright and early Sunday and immediately noticed the complete lack of the standard Sunday symptoms i.e. headache, nausea, exhaustion, mysterious bruises, and surprise over night guests on the fold-out. I did something I rarely do on Sunday and took a shower then headed out to run some errands. Later that day I began sorting items for the upcoming stoop sale we are having with Kitty and her husband. I'll keep you posted on that.

All in all, it was a relaxing, enjoying and energizing weekend, which was exactly what I needed because this week is already shaping up to be another booze-tastic endeavor.


  1. It's been about eight years, give or take, since I've seen a Sunday morning through clear, un-squinted eyes.

    Sounds really nice.

  2. Actually Clint, it's way over rated. I need to make a big deal about my rare sober side so that my mom doesn't think I'm an alcoholic when she reads this blog. And yes, she does occasionally read.

    For the record, I'm not an alcoholic, I'm just zealous drinker.

  3. Gotcha. Yeah, my mom occasionally reads my blog as well; she's already tried to have a "serious talk" with me about my drinking. Fortunanly, I was drunk at the time so I don't really remember what was said.

  4. Maybe now you guys will see the beauty of having a blog using an alias, and having the focus be about one of your innocuous past times...I suggest blogging solely on topics such as macrame and video games.

  5. fucking sober weekends. i'm not a convert. per previous comment, i'm clubbing seals as i write this.

  6. Sober Sunday is the new Black.

    I actually was normal on Sunday too, mostly because I am on deadline for the magazine and had to get my articles in.

  7. You go clubbing with seals, Kelly?!

  8. Glad you had a fun, calm, booze-free weekend. Sounds really nice, actually.

    I think I'm still hungover from Saturday night.

  9. Kitty, Maybe I'll launch an anonymous blog to discuss some of the really crazy things I've done.

    Kelly, Leave those seals alone and come back to the US. Otherwise, I'll mention your name and involvement in all the crazy things I'm going to blog about anonymously.

    Big Daddy, I don't do well with deadlines. I usually have to have a drink just to deal.

    Lioux, If you knew Kelly, the idea of her clubbing at all is even funnier than a club full of seals.

    Ha Ha, "I think I'm still hungover from Saturday night." Today is the first Monday in a long time when I haven't made that exact comment.

  10. This weekend was sober for me too, it's great to watch those good-bad movies and just flop around the place sometimes.