Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Genius At Work #6

Occasionally I have ideas that I think can make the world a better place to live in. Lacking the manufacturing capabilities to bring my ideas to fruition, they usually go to waste in my mind. So I've decided to post my ideas here in the hopes that some mega corporation will stumble across them and throw bucket loads of cash at me to turn these ideas into reality. Of course, the mega corporations will probably just steal my ideas and screw me but at least I'll have the proof to back up my "hey that was my idea" rantings.

Personally, I find the whole concept of spending money on a device that simulates the experience of popping bubble wrap to be ridiculous and beyond unnecessary. However, I have to applaud the person that came up with the idea and actually convinced someone to invest and manufacturer the PuchiPuchi (pictured).

What makes the PuchiPuchi even more shocking, is that it is from the toy company, Bandai, makers of Power Rangers action figures and Tamagotchi pets. Perhaps PuchiPuchi signals a whole new direction for the toy company into the category of unnecessary crap. With that in mind, I'd like to pitch them my idea for the Stapleless Stapler Banger.

Is there anything more rewarding than stapling papers together with a forceful whack to your desk stapler? Of course there isn't! But what to do when you have nothing to staple together? Enter the Stapleless Stapler Banger! This device looks just like a conventional stapler but doesn't have any staples loaded, which allows you to bang away all day without wasting paper. Not only revolutionary, the Stapleless Stapler Banger is a great stress-reducing gizmo and will make the perfect gift for college grads who are stupid enough to take a job immediately following graduation.


  1. This is both fun AND annoying.

  2. lioux, you are right about that!

  3. ok, but wait jeff. couldn't i just take the staples out of my normal stapler? or am i missing something?

    sorry to be a buzzkill...

  4. d, that's sort of the point, its just as ridiculous as the PuchiPuchi.

  5. GOT IT! sometimes i slow. market away my friend. stupid americans will totally buy them.

  6. Lioux, love it!

    Jeff, also much love on the idea. I know D said that why not use your own stapler and remove the staples, but then you have to RELOAD the staples when you need it and we all know how much that sucks.

    I'd buy it.

  7. If you invented a hole puncher that somehow made the little circular pieces of paper magically disintegrate so they don't go everywhere, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

  8. I want one of everything that has been mentioned thus far. You may consider them wedding gifts.

  9. You actually use paper for work?

    How 20th Century.

    I don't even have a pen or pencil at work.

    It's all computers.