Sunday, April 29, 2007

Life Lessons

I've learned more from Hollywood than I ever learned in School. For example, Hollywood has taught me that I should never leave New York City. Following is a list of places, which Hollywood has taught me I should never find myself in.

Place - Hollywood's lesson

Brazil - Touristas
Columbia - Romancing The Stone
Texas - Texas Chainsaw Masacre
Tatooine- Star Wars
Geidi Prime - Dune
Camp Crystal Lake - Friday The 13th
India - The Amazing Race
The North Atlantic Ocean - Titanic
Central Africa - Blood Diamond
North Africa - Casablanca
The Appalachian Mountains - The Descent
Raccoon City - Resident Evil
Thermopylae - The 300
Mexico City - I don't need Hollywood to scare me of this place.
Kansas - The Wizard of Oz
Harlem - The Wiz


  1. Hoth - The Empire Strikes Back.

    Endor - Return Of The Jedi.

    [Stupid Ewoks].

  2. Australia... Wolf Creek
    Mars... Total Recall
    West Virginia... Wrong Turn
    New England Coast... Jaws
    The Twilight Zone... The Twilight Zone

  3. Lioux - But its so pretty on Endor.

    Clinton - I was racking my brain trying to think of where Wrong Turn took place. Thanks!

  4. No problem. I'm a nerd.

    Also, for reals, don't come to Texas. We will chainsaw massacre your ass in a heartbeat.

  5. jDizzle1:55 PM

    New York- You've Got Mail

    ooops. There goes that thoery Jeffe'.

  6. Clinton - I had a two hour layover in the Dallas airport last summer. That's the first and hopefully last time I'll ever set foot there.

    Jdizzle - I'm pleased to report that I have never seen You've Got Mail so I'm safe in NY by way of ignorance.

  7. Hahahaha Jeff this cracked me up. Great post.

    Seattle - Sleepless in Seattle.


  8. See that it is, Jeff. See that it is. Otherwise...


    *chainsaw noise

  9. Irish - Thanks, glad to crack you up. Also great addition to the list. I used to want to visit Seattle.

    Clinton - You should work for the Texas tourism board.

  10. London - 28 Days Later
    Eastern Europe - Hostel
    Eastern Europe - Euro Trip
    Russia - Amazing Race
    Argentina - Testosterone
    The Mall - Dawn Of The Dead
    Jigsaw's Lab - Saw 3
    Denton, OH - Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Any Large Body Of Water - Open Water
    Antartica - The X Files Movie

  11. Oh and

    The Winchester - Shaun Of The Dead

  12. "The Winchester - Shaun Of The Dead" - I wouldn't mind waiting out a zombie infestation at a good pub.

  13. Oh I like this game

    Russia-the Saint
    Fargo-um, Fargo
    Minneapolis-the Mighty Ducks
    Chicago-the Fugitive
    Vietnam-Apocolypse Now/Platoon/Deer Hunter/Full Metal Jacket/We Were Soldiers
    Middle Earth-Lord of the Rings
    England-Harry Potter (duh)
    Las Vegas-Indecent Proposal

    and yes, these are all movies I have watched in the past week. I kind of need a life.

  14. meg - I would have said
    Chicago - Chicago The Movie, if I had seen Chicago the movie.