Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tax Day Resolutions

I resolve next year to NOT wait until the last possible day to mail my taxes. There's now way I'm going to be stuck in line with the rest of those procrastinating slackers again.

I swear, this year was the last time you will find me at the post office within hours of that dreaded deadline. Next year, I'm going to begin organizing my receipts and paper work on January 1, and meet with Rita as soon as I receive all my forms.

Hmm, this resolution sounds familiar. Oh yeah, I made the same one on April 15th of 2006. Shit!


  1. I am usually very good about this, but I did wait to the last minute this year.


  2. My tax prep person said the best time to do it is in March. Between the two big rushes of Feb. and April. I got both my returns within a week.

  3. Thanks Big Daddy! March is my goal for next year!