Thursday, April 12, 2007

Television's One-Hit Wonders

Like most Americans 18 to 35 years old, I loved the first season of Lost. It was imaginative, compulsive and a word I rarely use to describe anything on tv - original. Then the second season happened and aside from the ridiculously irregular schedule the show aired on, it just wasn't as good (I know, stating the obvious). So now we are approaching the end of season three and after watching last week's episode (I'm one week behind), I think the show has gone from great to mildly entertaining to complete piece of shit.

On last week's episode, the character Juliet actually told Kate that she (Kate) "Broke Jack's heart." Are you kidding me!? Ignoring the fact that these characters have only know each other for three months (the amount of time Hurley says they have been on the island in the same episode), which hardly seems like enough time to fall so madly in love with a stranger that they are able to "break your heart", what person out of middle school actually uses that expression? It's as if the show is now being written by Harlequin authors. And another thing, in season one's flashback scenes Kate is able to beat the crap out of anyone that gets in her way, walk away from horrible car accidents and leap tall buildings in a single bound but in last week's episode she couldn't even get the drop on Juliet with a surprise attack using a pool stick as a weapon.

Kate isn't the only character that seems to be going through a big pussyfication. Lately Sawyer and Hurley are the island's own Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis and don't get me started on Locke. What the hell happened to that character? He went from Indiana Jones MacGyver to Rain Man.

Of course being the sucker that I am I'll watch the rest of this season. But unless something drastic happens, and I don't mean another electromagnetic explosion, I mean some decent character writing, I won't bother to find Lost when the next season begins.


  1. Ack! I couldn't read all of your post because I have only recently started watching Lost and just finished Season 1 on DVD. I know, where the hell have I been? The first Season was awesome though and even though I keep hearing that the show has gone to crap I will probably still get the rest of the DVDs cause they had me at hello.

  2. Like I said, I haven't stopped watching yet so something keeps pulling me back.
    Its probably better on DVD because you won't those huge gaps between episodes that really ruined season 2.

  3. Hmmm.

    I've never seen Lost.

    I heard it's brilliant though.

  4. Do you have a theory on what is going on?

  5. My theory is that the first season writers were replaced my squirrels.

  6. You have squirrels!

    I'm so jeal.

  7. I speak squirrel. Chik-chik-chikoo.

    Hurley bugs me to no end. And I wish Sawyer would get a haircut.

  8. Big Daddy, maybe you can ask the squirrels on my fire escape what they want from us.

  9. They said they wanted heroin, and a subscription to Us Weekly.