Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday the 14th

I've never been so glad to be alive! My name is Tina and I'm the only survivor of a group of kids who went camping last night.

Me and a few friends were throwing a surprise birthday party for our friend, Michael, but he and his girlfriend, Jane, never even showed up. At first we didn't think much off it and we even met another group of campers who we hung out and partied with. Around midnight, Paul and Terri went for a walk and never came back so two of the other campers, Jeff and Seth went to find them. We never saw them again. Andy tried to keep the party going by entertaining us with juggling and walking on his hands. That's when the psycho macheted him in half. Me and Jake took off running towards the lake but the psycho caught Jake and put a cleaver in his face. I got to the lake where I found Vera with a spear through her eye and that annoying guy Shelly lying in a pool of his own blood. I hopped in a raft and paddled out to the middle of the lake where I fell asleep until the cops woke me up this morning.

They never found the killer, which means he is still out there somewhere in the wilderness of Prospect Park.


  1. OMG!!!

    I totally saw someone with a hook hand yesterday.


  2. Did they have on a big yellow fisherman's rain coat?

  3. No.

    But he was buying coffee.

  4. Sinister coffee.

  5. 'I know what you did, yesterday.'

  6. I still don't remember what I did last Tuesday.