Friday, April 13, 2007

Weekend Plans

Today Seth and I are going to grab our camping gear, roll a couple of marijuana cigarettes and ask our buxom friend with the feathered back hair to pick us, and a few other 30-something-year-olds-playing-the-part-of-teenagers, up in her windowless van. Then we are all going to drive to that wooded spot in Prospect Park, where all the locals have warned us not to go, for a camp-out. We used Google Earth to find the most secluded area so it should be great! We'll roast marshmallows, skinny dip, tell ghost stories, score some tail and be back safe and sound tomorrow.

Our fat, dimwitted friend, Barry, just dropped out of the trip so if anyone wants to join us, just hitch-hike to the greasy spoon near the park. From there you can walk to our camping spot. A little advice if you are going to hitch-hike, wear something revealing and show a lot of leg.

Check back tomorrow for some pictures of our totally cool camping trip.


  1. Awesome.

    This sounds like lots of fun.

    Make sure your scary story involves a hook hand in it somewhere. That totally freaks people out.

  2. Great idea! That does sound like so much fun!

    I hope there is at least one virgin in the group that will make it back alive to blog about the camping trip.

  3. Uh oh, I forgot to put virgin on my shopping list.

  4. Prophet of Doom12:15 PM

    "It's cold Jeff! I wanna go back inside. What was that noise? My nipples are hard. I could cut glass with these nipples. Oh God!
    What was that?.......................................................squirrel.
    Hey there, you gonna be my Squirrel-friend? Oh, excuse me big boy! Is this the way to Camp Crystal Lake?
    Ahhhhhhh! Oh Terrific! Squirrel in a hockey mask! I don't wanna die like this! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"