Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Why I Prefer The Subway

I just got back from lunch with Polly Pocket at the NY Auto show. Yes, seriously. Polly Pocket is pushing her new line of toys, Polly Wheels, and I was one of a handful of idiots, I mean editors, that headed out in the rain to see her booth at the auto show.

The event was fine and I left quickly but there was some Mad Max-like excitement on the way to the show. I'm not sure exactly why, but a NY taxi decided to ram the car I was in. At first, I thought it was an accident since it's pouring and the roads are wet. But when he did it a second time with more force I realized he meant it. My driver and the cabbie got out of their cars and the cabbie immediately began screaming at my driver.

As luck would have it, the whole incident took place in front of some sort or hobo gathering and we had no shortage of drunks (the time was 11:45am) approaching our car to say they were witnesses and on our side. The drivers eventually got back in their cars and decided to drag race and cut each other for another three blocks until my driver finally blocked the cabbie into the right lane and ran a light at the last possible moment giving the cab the slip. I still have no idea what the whole thing was over but have never been so glad to arrive safely at the Javits Convention Center.

Oh yeah, on the way back to my office, we took a taxi rather than use the same car service and our taxi hit a car as he pulled over to drop us off.


  1. Maybe this is some new type of taxi thing.


  2. Like bumper-taxis?

    By the way, the lunch sucked so I'm already thinking about what to eat tomorrow.

  3. Exactly.

    My sandwich was pretty okay. It was a Buffalo Blue Chicken from WaWa®™©™.

  4. I wish we had WaWa in NYC.

  5. Taxis are crazy! Have you ever driven in the city yourself, though? Quite a rush...

    Cool Blog. Native Brooklyner here. Glad to see your fave books include His Dark Materials. I can't wait for The Golden Compass movie...

  6. I used to read her blog. Not sure why I stopped, she's pretty good.

  7. exnavymike, Its in everyone's best interest that I never get behind the wheel of a car. Whether in the city or out in the country.

    I'm looking forward to Golden Compass also. The pics I've seen so far look good.

  8. lioux, I used to read that blog frequently also and don't recall why I stopped either. Thanks for reminding me about it.

  9. JDizzle9:21 AM

    Hey exnavymike, where's your shirt?

  10. jdizzle,
    I can't remember... Sometimes it's so hard to keep track of my clothes... they keep coming off ;)

  11. JDizzle4:38 PM

    Tough break Navy Mike. Maybe we can have a Pop-O-Matic fund raiser to get you some more durable clothing.

  12. Here is my donation of 25 cents ENM.

    Some of us look better without clothing.

    ; )