Monday, April 23, 2007

Shall Wii Play A Game

Since Seth's birthday was last Wednesday, he decided to hold the official celebration on Saturday, and celebrate we did. Seth had to work at the Met until around midnight so Jen and I started earlier in the evening with dinner and a mini bar crawl until it was time to meet up with Seth and his Met friends at Stereo sometime after 1am. I'm not sure what time we left (somewhere between 4 and 6am I'm guessing) but we had a blast and even managed to entice Jen, Erik and James back to Brooklyn for a late night/early morning Wii playoff. Either James didn't play any games or I was too drunk to capture it on film.

Round 1, Erik battles someone.

Round 2, Jen and her fists of glory!

Round 3, Admiral Ackbar vs. Jesus.

Tired of all the violence, Mii go bowling.


  1. Did Jesus win?

    Or admiral Ackbar?

  2. Lioux, I was too drunk to remember but I'm gonna assume the Admiral won.