Friday, April 06, 2007

Where Are These Idiots

I feel like every day there's a new product released to combat (what judging by the amount of products must be the greatest threat to home safety) the dreaded Nintendo Wiimote strap issue.

Are that many people really flinging their Wiimotes into each other and their TVs? I have never dropped, flung or injured someone with my Wiimote and I'm usually half in the bag when I play Wii. If people don't have the simplest of motor skills - the ability to hold something in the hand - then they probably aren't going to be very good at any Wii games. So just save yourself some money and play checkers.


  1. My drummer uses the Nintendo® Ouiimote®™©™ strap.

    He's geeky like that.

  2. A coworker threw out his shoulder playing with his Wii.

  3. His Wii, Big Daddy, or his WiiWii?

  4. I can't buy a Wii for the name alone. Those overly-precious names like that make me want to punch someone in the face.