Monday, April 23, 2007

There Goes The Blogosphere

For the past few months the question that everyone has been asking is "Is Jen moving to Singapore?" Well, I can finally put the question to rest with a definitive answer of "Yes"!

In order to keep us all abreast of her time in the far east, Jen has launched her own blog today and even asked me to write the first entry. So check out Take A Chance You Stupid Ho at and don't forget to bookmark it.


  1. Is that Jen from DHL? Does she still work at DHL? And if so, does she get special freight shipping discounts??

  2. Yes its Jen from DLJ and no, she doesn't still work at DLJ. She never worked for DHL so no shipping discounts.

  3. Are you sure she never worked at DHL? I distinctly remember you saying DHL. I don't know what DLJ does.